Live Music and Event Reviews

Starting price £50 + travel, ticket or entry fee.

Dats Muzik created The Red Calabash. So you have a live music gig, festival or event happening in London? You have a fashion show or launch party happening, in London, soon and you would like a professional written and designed review just for you, am I right? Well contact me,

we will discuss your event and go from there. I charge for travel, ticket or entry fee and the written review.

I will need, at least 3 weeks notice, prior to the event.


What would I need from you?

  • Press release

  • Information about the event e.g. are you supporting a charity? Please explain about why you choose that charity and what it is about. Is your event for a brand? Please explain about that. Are bands and musicians performing? Please write about them. Any of these can be as brief or as long as you want.  

After our phone call, email exchanges and me attending your event, I would need

  • Some photos or a website link of the photos, so the chosen ones can be added to the review. I expect photographers to be there or at least one. 

  • For you to add the written review to your website or blog and to promote it via social media. I will do the same in reverse.


In order to cater to your readers, followers, customers and clients,

I have to think about how to provide the maximum amount of value to a reader all throughout a blog, e-newletter, brochure, poster and more.

Do you want dry, boring and non-engaging content? I'm sure not.

Copywriters know that their job is to entertain and provide value to your readers, followers, customers and clients. I seek to add more value as possible to everything I write.  

Storytelling is important. I will write to one person instead of a target market, as I know how to write to a single person within a target market or audience. My content that I write is organised in a way that makes it flow logically. 

I write content for

  • Blog posts  

  • Blog titles and names

  • Brochures

  • Websites

  • E- newsletters

  • Press release and press kit

  • Posters

  • Business cards

  • Social media posts​

Each thing I write is modified based on the clients needs and what they want to get out of it or the experience they want there readers to have. 

What would I need from you?​

  • Website link and social media links, so I get to understand what your brand, event, festival or creative business etc is about from my perspective.

  • Information about the brand, event, festival, charity or creative business etc. What is your brand about and the meaning behind it? Why did you start this charity? What is your business about? Any of these can be as brief or as long as you want.

  • Who are your potential customers or clients? Be very detailed when answering this question.  

After our phone call and email exchanges I would need

  • Some professional photos or a website link of the photos, so the chosen ones can be added. 

  • For you to promote, The Red Calabash, via social media and your website or blog. I will do the same in reverse.

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