Focusing Mobile Users To Your Essential Content

August 02, 2017

It's vital that mobile content is easy to read and scan. Did you know that It's twice as hard to read complicated content on a small screen

(e.g. iPhone or Samsung) and app? Mobile users can see less at any one time and there attention span is fast. They rely highly on their memory when they are trying to understand heavy or not fully explained written content within the viewable space. 

Your mobile users, weather they visit your website or use your app on their mobile phones, have to scroll up and down more or move around the pages more. This is frustrating for them, yourself and me. Scrolling to refer to other parts of the written content instead of simply glancing the words. 

1. Treat your website or app like a VIP. It must have the essential information and/ or instructions straight away. Right in front of your visitors or users. Once they've got that then they will feel more connected, engaged and will want to keep going through the website or discovering more about your app. 

2. It must take less time to scroll through. Making sure step one is done, this will ensure that it takes less than a minute or two to scroll through the pages and getting them to remember more. It won't divert their attention to another problem, meaning they will click on that website link or do what your app is there for. 

3. The text and graphics or photos visitors see on a big screen

(e.g. laptop etc) shouldn't all be on a small screen and visa versa for an app. All free or paying website, blog and online store templates, now give you the option of creating a mobile-friendly version too.

4. What information or content should you have for a website mobile version? About page and your most recent blog post or the services you offer is suggested. Every site is different and every industry is different, so choose carefully.  

5. What information or content should you have for an app website?

The services it offers or what it is for, information that influences your audience and testimonials. Once again, every app is different and every industry is different, so choose carefully.  

6. Remember that "A website is for life". "An app is for living". So think about these quotes whilst your writing the content and designing your website and/ or app. 

That's all for now. I hoped this helped. For more information then please do subscribe and email me

How Do You Write an Internet Page?

July 17, 2017

Another question you should ask yourself, as well, is do you want this to be a page full of information or a blog? Do you want it to be a 'landing' page for your new website? Have a think about that because this will guide you on what to write and the layout it should have. The information your putting out, what industry does it belong to.. Fashion, travel, medicine, health or animals etc?

  1. Treat your internet or 'landing page' as your display window because first impressions matter. You do want your website visitors to read more, don't you?

  2. Do you have a domain or website name? Even if you don't, all free website, blog and online store template sites e.g Wix, Weebly and Tumblr, will give you a website address for free. It will have there name included so be sure you won't mind that. 

  3. Your website domain or name should be 3 words or less. Your readers should be able to remember the name. The more catchy or simple it is, the more memorable it will be.  

  4. The content is the most important thing, though. Your blog titles or any title, should be 7 words or less. The more complex or longer it is, the likely hood is that people won't read it. 

  5. People are seeking information so make sure it is organised in a way that makes it flow logically. Write engaging and interesting content and use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is vitally important, so your page can be found and ranked higher on search engines e.g. Google. 

That's all for now. I hoped this helped. For more information then please do subscribe and email me

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