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How I'm Quickly Becoming A Successful Blogger

What's my story you should say? Well here goes...

I meet new people and after some time talking with them, either they or I ask "when was the last time you went back to...."?

There response " aahh gosh it's been a while. 5 years ago. I haven't been back to my country since I was born".


So this is why The Red Calabash was born. It's here for young teens and adults to celebrate the diversity of London. For people that want to go back to their roots and origins where they live. I want them to know that they're not missing anything that is related to their country. 


Every blog post will be celebrating and combining culture, intertwined with music, that has an eclectic mix. 

You'll get music updates and iPod advice. Know about  alternative fashion brands and get inspiration. You will find out about intimate gigs, multicultural festivals and dynamic artists. Lets not forget Digital and technology... advice, tips and the best websites to visit. 

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My aim is to positively influence people's mind about Africa.

To make a massive change in the world about us. To let foreigners know that we are fantastic people that have a great culture and country, that can do so much more. 

A few years ago, I created a Nigerian law firms website, was an intern at Felebration Festival, helped at Jamm Brixton and more. 

End of last year I wrote some blog posts for a creative agency (digital, technology and media) and got a lot of praise for it.

Recently I have been writing content for an app. E-newsletters, emails and their blog. The CEO read it and said that she liked my twist on the subject and the way I write. Looking back to my secondary school days, my poem got published and over the last 5 to 7 years I've been writing my own blog, Dats Muzik, from time to time.

Realising my writing talent, I'm wanting to take The Red Calabash seriously. My goal is to get 1 million social media followers and readers this year. It could happen. Spread the word around.

You tell your friends and they'll tell theirs. A snowball affect. 

What got me into these different aspects of the creative industry is that during my music technology A Levels, I was appointed team leader and events manager to organise 2 gigs and wanted to help push some bands (my friends) awareness for sometime whilst at college and it felt wonderful to be supporting them. 


Next music business degree at ACM... I kept seeing more musicians doing live performances and photographers there. The 'WOW' experience you get. There's nothing like a 'live performance' & the memories you get from those amazing photos. They capture the moments... Who agrees? 


My cousin has her own successful modern, luxurious fashion brand in Ghana. Every individual piece is so unique. It's one of a kind.

I was stage manager during a photo shoot. Stylist, model, make- up artists etc were there. It was fabulous being involved.

To this present day I believe more and more people are recognizing the work these creators put in & are appreciating them- indie musicians, small to big events and festivals, designers, artists of all shapes & sizes- now more than ever and I want to be that person who gets their name out there to people who want to explore London differently. 

Please say 'hello' to me on my Twitter page. Thank you.

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