It's changing the way cultures are being percieved
"Fashion, Music, Art and Cultures Unite"



Opening your mind to diverse music and locations

Music. Fashion. Gigs to Festivals. Art. Digital and Technology.

Celebrating Africa's quirkiness, diversity and individuality of emerging musical talent, alternative fashion brands, intimate gigs, multicultural festivals, dynamic art, digital and tech with an eclectic mix in London, UK. 


African culture is part of my life.

Music is in my blood. Fashion, I am becoming more intrigued about. Digital and technology, I realised over time that I knew more about it than I thought. So put it all together and here is my space on the internet, as I believe there is room for everyone. The secret is that you just need to stand out and be memorable for the right reason. What do you want to be remembered for?

I'm 27, a christians and live in London, with my best friend the IPod lol. Well, literally, I'm listening to it all the time.

I used to play the violin and still go to street dance classes and music gigs regularly. Going to quirky areas of London, with my friends, is great. Being able to laugh and live every moment is priceless.

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Recognised for my unique content and blog for the 2018 awards. As the team at UK Blog Awards said ''the talent is epic and you are definitely one to watch''